True Love (poem)

True Love

Love can always conquer whatever trouble brings
And love will also cover up a multitude of things.

Don’t ever underestimate what sincere love can do
If it comes from God eternal then His love gives strength anew

When life is cold and grim, when hope has fled and died

Love can breathe new meaning and keep us satisfied.

Love will see you through when it seems that all is lost,
It brings fresh hope and peace—for Jesus paid the cost.

Love always finds a way, no matter what the price
And its power is so much greater when we trust in Jesus Christ.

So let God have full reign, let Him live within your heart
And you can cherish love divine the Spirit will impart.

(Author of original version unknown. Greatly modified by D Hayes)



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In the Twinkling of an Eye (poem)


When the way is set before you and the path looks clear and straight

When the sunshine streams across the sky to brighten and elate

When all around the sound of bells drifts gently through the air

And in your heart, sweet music stirs a dream that’s light and fair.

When the faces of the people glow and words have feather touch

When you walk like children through the land with one you love so much

When sweetness fans a breeze of fragrance pure and sweet

And kindness scatters blissful peace like petals at your feet.

In the stillness of the moment as the joy stirs praise within

The freedom of contentment gives you strength the race to win—

Yet fickle is the certainty of promises lightly made

As they slip between your fingers and melt into the shade.

Then a wave of breathless panic seems to seize you by the throat

As life around you crumbles and fond dreams break loose and float

And the glowing sand you thought was firm begins to heave and sway

And swirling waters choke you, as you sink and fade away.

But as your grasp grows feeble and your mind begins to sleep

Another sound and presence comes to separate the deep

A mighty hand sustains you and a mercy lifts you high

Instead of earth, your eyes behold the glory and the sky.

And a voice that’s just a whisper soft speaks to your trembling soul

And tells you that though all seems bleak, Christ Jesus makes you whole

You cannot understand your plight and questions search your loss

Until the answer echoes back: just look unto the Cross.

And people fail to know your peace and wonder if you’re mad

They look at you and shake their heads and puzzle how you’re glad.

They think the agony and grief unleashed a wicked spell

They do not hear the joyful song or see that all is well.

They do not feel the Master’s touch that cools your fevered brow

Or see His everlasting arms that grant you freedom now

For all the pain that held you fast is turned to sweet release

Instead of grief comes inner calm and fresh, abiding peace.

The path you thought was clear and straight is hidden from your view

But in its place a confidence that He knows best for you

For as the future calls you on, concealing what it may

You hold the hand of One who turns the night-time into day.

Stand up to claim your heritage and enter in the race

Step forth to gain the prize from One who hung there in your place.

And as your faith is strengthened, you will see the reason why

He sanctifies your heartache in the twinkling of an eye.

Denis Hayes

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Somebody’s Cancelled Christmas

Somebody’s cancelled Christmas!

But gives no reason why

There won’t be any Christmas trees or bright lights in the sky

I don’t know why it’s happened

I really can’t explain

Why this year dear old Santa Claus

Will not be back again.

We’ll cancel the nativity

And send the gnomes away

I’ll have to phone the superstore to take down their display

Don’t bother with the party

We don’t need the balloons

Or any decorations that are hanging in the rooms.

Somebody’s cancelled Christmas

It seems so strange but true

Yet Christmas isn’t all around

It’s in the heart of you

We don’t need fancy trimmings or artificial fun

For Jesus is the Saviour

Who will come to everyone.

So in the scorching desert

Or cold Alaskan ice

And in the swampy grasslands where it isn’t very nice

It doesn’t matter where you are in sand or mud or snow

The Christ of Christmas calls your name

Because He loves you so.

And even if the Christmas season touches you with pain

Or loneliness surrounds you

There’s still one thing remains

The Saviour King of Bethlehem is here as God and King

To give you back your Christmastime

And make your glad heart sing.

Dr Den

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