MAKING GOOD CHOICES: David and Saul in the cave

FRUIT BEAUTY CONTEST…. Choosing a winner from different fruits…

  • Tomato looks good BUT… horrible taste
  • Banana looks good BUT… gone all brown inside
  • Apple looks good BUT… full of grubs
  • Potato… nothing special to look at but good inside

Don’t judge by appearance!


  • David and his men were hiding in a cave
  • Who should come in but Saul needing the toilet!
  • David could have killed him… but cut off a piece of his cloak instead… He made a good choice

WET PAINT sign attached to a chair with a large “Do not touch

  • Different puppets (or people), read the warning and pass by
  • BUT one puppet (or person) touches and gets stuck

There are some things to which God says “No!”

  • Such as stealing from someone’s packed lunch box
  • Or shouting at your parents to get what you want
  • Or making fun of a classmate


  • In two containers (or two bags), put a card with Yes in one container/bag and a No card in the other…
  • A chosen child accepts the responsibility of choosing one of the bags
  • If the child chooses the YES, everyone gets points or a prize or another ‘treat’ of some kind.
  • But if the child chooses the NO, no-one gets a prize!

(You may or may not think it ethical to put a YES card in each container to ensure success! If so, admit the deceit afterwards. If not, and the child chooses the NO, give the SAME child another simple task immediately to redeem the YES! For example, ask the child to recite a short nursery rhyme or hop ten times or catch a ball three times. One way and another, make sure that the chosen child becomes the hero, not the villain!)

BUT WHEN WE CHOOSE TO FOLLOW JESUS, no one makes the choice for us… it’s our own decision

  • No one can do it for us… We decide
  • If we say “yes” to Jesus, God promises us a special gift… to be our friend for ever!
  • So let’s make a GOOD DECISION to follow Him

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