Why Life is Worth Living (Part 7)

There are seven reasons why life is worth living. The seventh reason is because THERE ARE ETERNAL REWARDS

Isabel Kuhn once wrote…

How poorly the world measures loss and gain. Saving for a moment to lose for eternity. And in that moment finding that what was gained has not been worth it after all!

Eternity begins TODAY! We are co-workers with Christ TODAY

  • How sad when Christians are always talking about tomorrow…when God has given us today!
  • We can get confused…Jesus said that we should not build up treasure on earth, but for heaven where it cannot decay…He did not say put life on hold until you die!
  • The importance is to live in the light of His coming
  • In other words, to be prepared

Jesus spoke of those who are unprepared…a farmer busy building barns… bridesmaids running short of oil… workmen taking it easy…


Imagine our feeble excuses!


  • By paying attention to the fundamentals…reading the Bible, praying, associating with believers
  • By waiting on God to hear His voice…and not block Him out through busyness or activity
  • By expecting God to do great things…and not contain Him in a little religious or church or denominational box
  • By staying as faithful as we can…asking forgiveness for wrongdoing… and forgiving others
  • By acknowledging that without Him we can do nothing…
  • By striving to the best of our strength and ability to live for Him
  • By speaking of Jesus Christ and the love of God to others in word and deed
  • By loving others before ourselves
  • By loving ourselves, too!
  • By finishing well…enduring to the end

WHEN THE END OF THIS PRESENT AGE COMES and we stand before God, rewards (crowns) will be given

  • They will be undeserved…unmerited…but our gracious God will delight to reward us
  • Some will gain greater rewards than others…those who have given their lives wholeheartedly to Christ will receive the greatest reward
  • Some will be saved…but only by fire…by the mercy of God

For Jesus says in Matthew 16 verses 22-7:

The Father will repay every person for what he or she has done

And in Revelation 22 v 12:

I am coming soon, bringing my reward to repay everyone for what s/he has done

SO WE NEED TO WALK CAREFULLY…as wise not unwise…knowing that time is short and that every moment counts

  • Building our lives on the foundation of Christ Himself, knowing that, as we read in I Corinthians 3, every person’s work will be revealed on that Day, tested by fire

LIFE IS WORTH LIVING BECAUSE DEATH IS NOT THE END…and beyond the veil that separates life from death are the welcoming and waiting arms of Jesus

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