Why Life is Worth Living (Part 6)

There are at least seven reasons why life is worth living. The sixth reason is because WE CAN MOVE THE HAND OF GOD

Have you ever been bored in a meeting and wished that you could hurry the time along…or so interested that you wanted the clock to stop?

There are a number of Biblical examples when this happened:

Joshua 10 (the sun stood still), 2 Kings 20 (a sign given to King Hezekiah by Isaiah), and after the Crucifixion when the day turned to night.

  • I was giving some people a lift to the station the other day and the 8-year old suddenly piped up: Do you think that the Government would listen to a little girl if she wanted to tell them something? (Ha!)
  • In fact she made a sensible point to me about the need for railway platforms to have barriers…so that people could not fall onto the rails.
  • There have been instances where someone quite ordinary has made an enormous difference

FOR EXAMPLE…the lady who was determined to rid the telephone boxes in London of cards advertising sex for sale…and succeeded!

  • On the other hand, it was the determined efforts of one woman in America to get prayer banned from schools! SO DETERMINATION ON ITS OWN IS NOT ENOUGH… We need to be following the will of God

YOU MAY NOT BE POWERFUL…or young and dynamic…or brainy or brave…but you can do more than move the hand of a prime minister of president…you can move the hand of God

  • James writes 91 v 16) that the fervent prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective
  • Note that it is a righteous person…and that person must be fervent (eager/enthusiastic/passionate)…but the results are powerful and effective

I don’t know how it works…but it does!

  • God begins to work…sometimes imperceptibly…sometimes openly


  • In Exodus 32 Moses’ prayer saves the sinful people from God’s anger
  • In Genesis 18 and 19 God delayed judgement on the wicked city of Sodom because Abraham pleaded before Him
  • In Jeremiah 18 we read that prayer can save a whole nation! (cf, Dunkirk)
  • Nehemiah prayed and Jerusalem was rebuilt
  • Members of the early church prayed and Peter was miraculously released from prison…and, as a by-product, the wicked Herod (grandson of the Herod who was involved in sending Jesus to be crucified) died

IT IS A PROFOUND THOUGHT THAT YOUR PRAYER is an important part of God’s plan and purpose for the world.

  • God doesn’t need your permission to do things
  • He isn’t scared to try something unless you prompt Him
  • He can make up His own mind!

BUT HE CHOOSES TO INVOLVE HIS PEOPLE and invites us…that’s you and me… to pray

WHY DOES GOD WANT US TO PRAY? There are at least 3 reasons:

  • Because this is one way in which He can share fellowship with us and we with Him
  • Because prayer is a way of strengthening our faith…we pray, we wait, God responds…or appears not to, we exercise faith, our lives become more God-centred, the church is built up…
  • Because prayer is a weapon against Satan….who is always intent on destroying us

OF COURSE WE HAVE TO PRAY ACCORDING TO HIS WILL, so an important part of prayer is what I call pre-prayer… praying that the Holy Spirit of God will give us the right prayer to pray!

Imagine what life would be like without prayer!

Someone has said this about prayer SEVEN DAYS WITHOUT PRAYER MAKES ONE WEAK! Weak spiritually…and losing our God-given right to be closely involved in His plan and purpose for the world

Life is worth living because we can move the hand of God

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