Why Life is Worth Living (Part 3)

There are at least seven reasons why life is worth living. The third reason is BECAUSE OUR LIVES CAN WITNESS TO OTHERS

  • They can but don’t always do so of course!

In Acts 1 v 8, Jesus gives the Great Commission: You shall be witnesses to me

And in John 6 the woman at the well goes and tells her fellow villagers:

Come and see a man who told me everything I ever did

  • So because she spoke, they came…and made up their own minds about Jesus
  • They didn’t come to a church or a meeting or an organised event…they came face to face with Jesus Christ

Jesus no longer walks the earth, so we have to introduce people to Him in other ways

  • Yes, to meetings…though few will come unless they attend an seniors’ tea or a sporting/games/quiz event
  • Yes, to special events…though the lure of TV and other activities is very strong
  • At one time it was through large conventions but these events no longer have the attraction that once they did have

The main way that people meet Jesus Christ today is THROUGH YOU AND ME

  • We are His ambassadorsPeople look upon Him when they look upon us if we have Christ living and reigning in our hearts

WE DON’T NEED A BIBLE COLLEGE CERTIFICATE TO BE CHRIST IN THE WORLD… though an in-depth knowledge of the Bible is extremely useful

  • We do need to be filled with His Spirit, so the world can see first hand what Christ-likeness means

Of course, we are sinners and only a shadow of His likeness … But if only more of us could say say with evangelist Dwight L. Moody, speaking of himself: The day came when D.L. Moody died and Christ took up residence

  • Especially in our family life where it is often toughest
  • And when we have been badly treated…to forgive
  • And when we have been accused…to remain silent and allow God to vindicate us
  • And when we are betrayed…to remain faithful

And refuse to be dragged down to the world’s standards and accept their priorities…but rather to say with Martin Luther: Here I stand; there’s nothing else I can possibly do (paraphrase)


  • Words of kindness
  • A gentle spirit
  • Speaking up against injustice
  • Loving others through practical deeds
  • Encouraging and standing alongside those who are needy
  • Being salt and light as Jesus commanded

In Deuteronomy 6 verses 6-9 we are told to ‘write’ the law of God on our hearts and make sure that our children…and grandchildren…receive His word.

  • There is surely no greater joy in life than seeing members of our own family come to faith in Christ
  • Never stop praying for your family…God will do His work in their lives…though they must make the ultimate decision about becoming a disciple of Jesus Christ

It is sometimes after the death of a praying person that the person they prayed for becomes a Christian…though the person never sees it

Someone has said: Let the ceiling of our faith and commitment (i.e. that of older Christians) become the floor of theirs (i.e. of younger Christians). In other words, let more mature disciples of Christ ‘set the bar high’

  • It doesn’t always work out that way…but that should not stop us making this a principle for living
  • It’s important to be a wonderful witness to friends and strangers…but first and foremost to maintain a testimony to our own family.

So life is worth living BECAUSE OUR LIVES CAN WITNESS TO OTHERS and God can use us to draw them into His eternal Kingdom

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