Why Life is Worth Living (Introduction)

Bible Readings: Ecclesiastes 1: 1-3; 2: 1-3; 12: 13-14


I wanted to see what was worthwhile for people to do under heaven for the few days of their lives (2 v 3b)

Who decides and what determines whether a life is worthwhile?

People have interesting views about life…

Some very rich people are paying millions to have their bodies deep frozen when they die, so that when medical science has advanced sufficiently, their bodies will be preserved sufficiently well to be raised from the dead!

  • Jesus Christ has promised to raise you from the dead for nothing!

I was talking to a lady, aged 98… She told me that she had been reading a book about the Holocaust. She asked: ‘How can there be a God when this sort of thing is allowed to happen‘? It’s an issue often raised by sceptics and seekers alike.

  • What were those Jewish people’s lives worth… and the lives of many other, who are murdered and butchered by wicked men (and occasionally, women)?
  • This lady was 98… but others are stillborn…or live but days

And the writer of Ecclesiastes was grappling with this questionWHAT’S GOING ON IN LIFE with so many unexplained twists and turns and instances of unfairness and injustice?

The Bible makes it clear that the root of evil is something that resides within each person called SIN. Great evil is the product of great sin.

Have you ever been responsible for clearing someone’s home after they have died?

  • Treasured possessions that had enormous significance for the deceased person are thrown out or discarded
  • Furniture is sold or given away…money from the sale of the house is divided among the family
  • A short service…tears…and the life that was so rich, vibrant and useful is now just a memory

WHAT DID THIS PERSON’S LIFE MEAN? What was the point of it?

LIFE CAN BE SO DIFFICULT AND UPSETTING that it is possible to ask if it’s worth the effort!

  • Job was perhaps the most notable example of someone who was convinced that it would have been better if he had never been born. So in chapter 3 verses 3, 11…

Let the day that I was born perish… (verse 3)

Why did I not die at birth: come out of the womb and die there and then? (verse 11)


Yet people do feel gloomy sometimes. They ask what use they are to anyone…

  • I feel a failure
  • My life has lost its meaning
  • I don’t want to be a burden to my children
  • I’ve missed my calling

An increasing number of people, both young and older, are asking these types of questions

And even if you feel good about life, there is bound to be someone you know who is struggling with doubts and fears

  • And who knows that the day won’t come when you are asking the question about life’s meaning… or asked to explain to someone else.

Thankfully, the Bible offers us many reasons why life is worth living. In the related documents under the broad heading: ‘Why Life is Worth Living‘, we explore seven of them:

  1. God delights in us.
  2. God loves to receive our praise and worship
  3. Our lives can witness to others.
  4. God has a purpose for our lives.
  5. We can grow more like Jesus.
  6. We can move the hand of God.
  7. Eternal rewards await us.

Please see ‘Why Life is Worth Living‘, numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 for an explanation of each of the above points. God bless you.

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