Hope comes in many forms, both negative and positive

  • So when people say “I hope so”, they can mean very different things

Hope is not the same as wishful thinking or luck

  • Hope is not improved through superstitious practices such as crossing fingers, touching wood or magic
  • The best form of hope is being certain of things not seen… trusting that God, who sees everything, is in control

God is a God of hope, so we can trust Him

  • God’s hope is not just for this life… He offers us hope both now and in the future!
  • True hope is found in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, who promises new life now and eternal life after we die
  • Where are you putting your hope? In wishful thinking, a lucky charm, fortune telling…

Some people say that they don’t need luck or God… they put their hope in themselves and in their own efforts

  • Working hard and striving is good and commendable… but we must make sure that we’re striving for the right things
  • When we are confident in what we hope for, it’s called FAITH
  • And through faith, we believe that God will show us what is right, so that life has much more purpose and we can be free from worrying about ‘doing the right thing’

Finally, God also hopes… He hopes that you will turn to Him, trust Him and follow His Son. Have you? Will you?

So where are you placing your hope? Is it in luck or fate… or in the One who gives true hope that will never fail, despite the things that life throws at you? Each one must decide!

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