Making good choices (David and Saul)

MAKING GOOD CHOICES: based on David and Saul in the cave

FRUIT BEAUTY CONTEST…. Choosing a winner… Use 4 different fruits as contestants in a Beauty Competition… Describe how the first three fruits look good and seem certain to win, but when the judges open them up and look inside they are not…

  • Tomato… horrible taste
  • Banana… gone all brown inside
  • Apple… full of grubs
  • Potato… nothing special to look at but good inside and tastes good, so wins the prize (“Taste and see that the Lord is good”)


  • David and his men were hiding in a cave
  • Who should come in but Saul needing the toilet!
  • David could have crept out from the darkness and killed him… but he cut off a piece of his cloak instead… He made a good choice

Put up a large WET PAINT “Do not touch!” sign

  • Different puppets/soft toys pass by
  • One of them ignores the sign, touches it and gets stuck

There are some things to which God says “No!” There is no choice

  • Like stealing from someone’s packed lunch box
  • Or shouting at your parents to get what you want


  • Have a number of yes and no slips of paper in a bag…
  • Child accepts the responsibility of putting a hand in the bag and choosing one piece of paper
  • If it says “yes”, everyone gets a prize
  • If it says “no”, no-one gets a prize
  • Such a choice is pure chance based on someone else’s decision

BUT WHEN WE CHOOSE TO FOLLOW JESUS… it’s our own decision and nothing to do with luck or chance

  • No one can make this decision for us… we decide ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to Jesus
  • However, if we say ‘yes’ to Jesus, God promises us a special gift… to be our friend for ever and ever!

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