Life of David summary


Lots of stories are pretend … but the Bible is true

Examples of pretend stories include:  Fee fi fo fum…   I’m a troll, baldi-roll and I’ll eat you for supper, etc.

David was a shepherd… used to defend the sheep from lions

Visual aid: Sheep puppet

He was the youngest son and not as big as his brothers but God could see that inside he was a good man

David bravely slew Goliath, who was a huge man

Visual aid:  Monster puppet

  1. King Saul liked David at first but then began to be jealous of him, so tried to kill him… Sword/spear needed
  2. David could have killed Saul when he came into the cave but he chose to do the right thing not the wrong one
  3. David was best friends with one of Saul’s sons, Jonathan, who tried to help David escape from Saul by sending him a secret message… Do Morse code tapping (SOS) with children
  4. One day Saul & Jonathan killed in a battle and David became king
  5. David chose to do lots of good things… but some bad ones, too… he loved a beautiful lady and wanted to marry her… Girl puppet… fancy wig for child to wear so made sure her husband died in a battle
  6. David grew old but wrote that God had always been with him… “The Lord’s my shepherd…
  7. Without God, David would probably have done lots of silly things but with God he did lots of good things instead

King David was such a famous and good man that they even call their flag the Star of David

We must learn to trust and follow Jesus and not listen to any other voice

Visual aid: Snake that wiggles and sings “Trust in me!” But we say: No!

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