Lessons from the Book of Haggai

Lessons from Haggai

1. Circumstances may change but God is still the same: God might not change the circumstances but He will change us to cope with them.

2. God can work through non-believers as well as believers: God is Almighty and His ways are higher than our ways; his thoughts higher than our thoughts; his wisdom greater than our wisdom.

3. God understands our physical and domestic needs: God is above all and yet intimately involved in our daily lives, as we invite Him to be.

4. Everyday work is important, not just ‘spiritual service’: Jesus said “feed my lambs“; as we care for the vulnerable and weak, it is on behalf of Him.

5. God expects us to use our minds in making decisions, but when He says “move”, we move: God does not want us to be docile but neither does He want us to put our own agenda ahead of his.

6. There is a consequence attached to neglecting God: He does not force us to seek first His will and purpose, but if we choose to take a different path, we may be serving Satan’s purposes.

7. There is a time for everything under heaven: God has put everything in place for our lives; we need to seek and find diligently

8. God’s promises do not fade or perish over time: His word never fails and can be trusted completely

9. His Spirit ‘abided in their midst’, but we need to ensure that he abides in our lives: There is no ‘second hand’ experience of God’s presence; if we turn to Jesus Christ, his spirit lives within us.

We all need to learn and absorb the lessons from Haggai.

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