Still and fizzy Christians


Use two bottles of water

Resources: bottles of still and fizzy water/ towels/ plastic cups

  • One bottle contains still water
  • One contains sparkling water (fizzy)
  1. Hold up the bottles… not much discernible difference between them… colourless liquids!
  2. Ask for volunteer to drink the still water (build up the tension!)
  3. Ask for volunteer to drink the fizzy water
  4. Ask the volunteer to describe the difference between the two types
  5. Shake up the still water (with the cap on)… little difference
  6. Shake up the fizzy water (with cap slightly loosened)… it hisses and shoots out of the bottle

Emphasise that there is a time to be still water”…calm, listening to God and to wise Christians, meditating on His Word…

  • But without allowing the Holy Spirit to fill us and empower us, we will only ever be ‘still’ water… failing to transmit the joy of belonging to and serving Jesus Christ

By allowing the Holy Spirit of God to take control, we can be joyful Christians, even when life ‘shakes us up’ and circumstances are difficult…

  • Like the Apostle Paul and Silas singing in prison…

So Paul writes to the Church in Ephesus: Be filled with the Spirit

  • Jesus came to give us LIFE in abundance
  • Being a Christian is about being ‘alive’ with the new life that God gives to us in and through Jesus Christ
  • Well worth bubbling over!

-- Download Still and fizzy Christians as PDF --

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