Mrs Noah and the Ark


Bible reading: Genesis 6:9 – 8:18

In 2011 there was a terrible flood across parts of Japan

  • Many people were drowned…property and homes were destroyed

There were also major floods in places like Australia and New Zealand, Pakistan, Italy and the USA… and in recent years we’ve had some serious local flooding in our own country (United Kingdom)

  • Perhaps there’s going to be another world flood like in the time of Noah!
  • Perhaps we need to build another Ark! (No, God has promised there won’t be another world flood)

In recent years, we have seen a general increase in flood warnings and destruction through heavy rainfall and surging tides… perhaps we all need a lifeboat!

BUT IMAGINE THAT GOD TOLD YOU TO BUILD A MASSIVE BOAT in the middle of the desert, nowhere near water?

  • People would say you were mad…and they’d be right!
  • The people told Noah that he was crazy… Well, wouldn’t you!

But one person stood by him throughout those long years of building the boat

  • One person took charge of the household while Noah was busy constructing this massive ship
  • One person organised the farming, raised the family, put up with the local gossip and ridicule down at the marketplace…

One person… Mrs Noah one of the unsung heroines of the Bible

  • And we don’t even know her name!

In fact, it is no exaggeration to claim that Mrs Noah was just as much responsible for the survival of the human race as her husband

Without the support, practical help and encouragement from Mrs Noah, as well as his sons and relatives, the job would have been impossible for Noah to achieve…

Ladies, you have a crucial role to play in God’s plan and purpose…

  • No doubt there were local people who were paid to transport materials, provide food and so forth…but it was the Noah household that worked for over 100 years to build this Ark
  • By the way, people lived much longer in those days

And what about the year that they were on board the Ark while the world was being flooded?

  • There was a lot of work to be done
  • Animals and birds don’t feed and clean themselves
  • There was no easy way to get rid of the animal poo, so the smell would have been pretty awful!
  • What a busy lady Mrs Noah must have been having to organise the rotas, cook the meals, act as mediator in family disputes…

And what about Mrs Noah’s three daughters-in-law, having to leave their wider families to such a terrible fate when the flood came?

  • How much they must have relied on Mrs Noah for emotional support and advice
  • And they were still wives, married to the three sons… having to cope with the joys and challenges of married life
  • And doing so while living on a ship, being sea-sick… depending on artificial light inside the Ark… no neighbours to chat with… no mobile ‘phones… and no opportunity to go shopping!!

They were real people who had to cope with real circumstances

  • Obeying God and walking in step with His Spirit does not absolve us from facing tough situations… and this was most certainly a tough one!

And after the Ark landed on the mountain… so much to do…so much to think about for everyone on board…

  • The start of a new life… but most of what they had known was gone…
  • There would have a colossal amount of debris covering the earth…branches, rotting vegetation, stones, boulders…
  • No treesno animals…massive lakes and deep pools of water… some areas still muddy… a horrible stench of death
  • No fresh food, no clean drinking water… no shelter… no people!

Like landing on another planet somewhere else in the Galaxy!

SO WHAT WAS THE POINT OF IT ALL? Why did God destroy so much of His marvellous creation in this way?

  • Sadly, people in the world not only went their own way but chose to do the opposite of what God said was right
  • They behaved worse and worse… to such an extent that God was sorry that He had created people at all!
  • Only Mr and Mrs Noah refused to do what everyone else was doing and chose to obey God instead

I’m sure they were laughed at… made fun of… told that they were out-of-touch with the real world… (This is the 21st century, you know!)

  • But they stood firm… which must have been far from easy
  • So God decided that He would ‘start again’ and sweep away all the people who were doing such wicked things
  • It must have broken God’s heart…but He had given everyone a chance to do what was right and they chose to do wrong.
  • Mr & Mrs Noah would were the only ones to obey God… so He saved them and their immediate family from the flood
  • They would be the ‘new Adam and Eve’

MR & MRS NOAH PLAYED THEIR PART in being obedient to God and saved not only their own family but also became the starting point for succeeding generations…

  • One of their sons, Shem, became founder of the Jewish nation
  • And thousands of years later, a baby was born in Bethlehem, who was a direct descendant of Mr & Mrs Noah

Jesus came because in the years that followed the flood, people still did wrong and sinned against God…

  • God decided not to destroy the world again but to save it
  • Not just the good people like Mr & Mrs Noah
  • Everyone has a chance to be saved by putting their trust in Jesus Christ

Because Noah and his family went into the Ark, they were saved

But our “Ark” is God’s Son, Jesus, the Saviour of the world

So when the heavy rains come next time, you can relax because it isn’t the start of another world flood!


  • Will you be safe inside the Ark?


  • Inside the Ark or outside it?
  • Saved or unsaved?
  • Safe or lost?

It pays to be sure.

You can brush this story about the Flood off as ‘just for kids’… but may I urge you to think carefully what it means for your life now… and for evermore

The hymn called There is a green hill far away puts the matter succinctly:

There was no other good enough to pay the price of sin; He (Jesus) only, could unlock the gates of heaven and let us in

Or to use modern language:

Only Jesus was good enough to pay the price of sin and open the gates of heaven to all who put their trust in Him

  • Isn’t it time you did just that?

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