Being the best

Being the best I can be

Mark 9:33-35

Visual aids are important for children (and many adults) for illustrating key points

 The disciples of Jesus were arguing about who was the greatest among them

Jesus put a child on his knee… if you want to be the greatest you must be as a little child… and be ready to help anyone who needs it

Some people wish they were someone else… a supermodel (show a picture or outrageous ‘party’ wig fancy hair) or a footballer (select a couple of children to ‘head’ a balloon) or even one of their friends

 Some people wish they could be clever and have no problems at school… or very rich and no problems with money

But God has made me to be me! He might make us clever or rich or neither of those things…but He wants us to be positive about our lives

Story of child to wind the school clock (Show a large key)… The head teacher needed someone to wind the large school clock at the top of the building every morning, so he chose the smartest boy in the school to do it… but he was so busy reading his book that he forgot… Then he chose the sportiest girl… but she got carried away playing with her friends and forgot… So eventually he asked for a volunteer and an ordinary boy called Jack said he would do it… Jack wasn’t especially clever or good at sport but after four years of faithfully winding the clock, he was given a special shield with the following words inscribed on it: “To Jack Carter, the boy who could always be trusted”

Even animals have a problem with wanting to be someone else… for example, the elephant is envious of the rabbit’s long ears… the rabbit is envious of the monkey’s long tail… the monkey is envious of the parrot’s bright feathers… the parrot is envious of the lion’s roar… and the lion is envious of the elephant’s trunk! (Note the ‘circular’ nature of the example) (Use of soft toys or puppets as visual aids)

God makes us like we are… but he wants us to be the best “me” that I can be…

Who is not very good at spelling? I will teach you how to spell a hard word… contentment (con…tent…men…t) {A card with the word written on it needed}

You tried hard but you needed my help to get it right God expects us to try hard but we need His help as we go through life to be the person He wants us to be

What does God want us to be like? He’s not worried about how pretty or handsome we are…or how smart we are

He is concerned about how we treat one anotherbecause with God’s help, we can become more like Jesus, which is how God intends us to be

Grown-ups… Jesus said we should love those around us as much as we love ourselves… so if there’s a problem with what we are and who we are, we’d better ask for the help of the Holy Spirit to change us to be more like Him!

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