A Really Happy Christmas


Here is a story, so wonderfully true

About the Lord Jesus, who loves me and you

He once lived in heaven but came to the earth

And Christmas is when we remember his birth

A baby so gentle, on top of the hay

And Mary his mother was happy that day

Lord Jesus was tired and lay fast asleep

Along came the shepherds who wanted to peep

The angels were singing their carols on high

The sound could be heard from the earth to the sky

And praises were ringing from mountain to sea

That Jesus was born, so that we can be free

The Wise Men came later and knew in their mind

That here was the king they expected to find

They left all their treasure, went home in disguise

To tell all their friends of the lovely surprise

So angels and shepherds and men from the east

Found Jesus who came for the smallest and least

And he is so pleased when we make him our friend

To love us and keep us from now ‘til the end

D Hayes

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