Real Meaning of Christmas

The Real Meaning of Christmas (original version by “Rod”:, slightly modified)

Interviewer:  Christmas is a special time for all the family. Could you sum up what Christmas means for you – in just three words?


Child: Lots of presents.

Mum: Lots of shopping.

Dad:  Lots of expense!

Child: The Christmas pantomime.

Mum: The family party.

Dad:   Pulling a cracker! (Mischievously)

Child: Parties at school.

Mum: Eating too much.

Dad:  Drinking too much.

Child: Waking at 5.

Mum: Squabbles at 6.

Dad:  Bedlam at 7!

Child: Chocolates for breakfast

Mum: Turkey for dinner.

Dad:  Turkey for weeks!

Child: The family together.                         

Mum: 15 for dinner.

Dad: Washing up dishes!

Child: Wallace and Grommit.

Mum: The Queen’s speech.

Dad:  Sleeping it off.

Interviewer:  Haven’t you missed something out?

Child: I don’t think so.

Mum: We’ve mentioned most things.

Dad:  We’ve been pretty thorough.

Interviewer:  If I say it is Christ-mas, does that ring any bells?

Child: Sleigh bells ringing?

Mum: Church choirs singing?

Dad:  The penny’s dropping…

Child: (with sudden realisation) Birthday of Jesus!

Mum: (with sudden realisation) God with us!

Dad:  Saviour is come!                  

[ALL] That’s the real meaning of Christmas!

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