Memories to Live By

The sound of distant water

The scent that lingers long

A snatch of conversation

A melody of song

The happy laughter brimming

A glimpse of someone’s face

An evening by the fireside

A touch of silky lace

The sight of arms extended

The hug when two friends meet

A look of deep devotion

From lovers in the street

The photo hanging sadly

The ringing of a phone

A time of contemplation

While sitting all alone

The jewellery on the table

The card upon the wall

A moment’s inspiration

Invites a distant call

The lips that quiver softly

The pulse that beats aloud

The words that echo fondly

While standing in a crowd

The pain of sudden parting

The anguish of goodbye

That etches on the senses

And moistens every eye

Each memory is fragile

And memories are long

They penetrate the armour

Of pretending we are strong

Hear angels singing softly

See nature’s graceful dawn

As life goes on forever

Beyond this mortal form

Sweet comfort blossoms gently

To know that though apart

Love’s enduring treasure

Lies sealed within our heart

D Hayes

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