When God Speaks


It may be in the daytime bright when fragrance fills the air

And sunlight glances through the trees

And hearts are free from care

It may be in the midnight gloom while sitting all alone

And ragged breezes eat your heart

To chill you to the bone

It may be in the busy street with people pressing near

Or in the midst of work and toil

When time can disappear

It may be in a lovely place when walking by the stream

Or as you rest upon the shore

And life’s a tender dream

It may be in the agony of tragic news and pain

As sad tears bite your eyes and cheeks

And leave a purple stain

It’s often when we least expect to hear a word divine

That God confides most lovingly

A direction, gift or sign

He’ll tell us what we need for life, the way that we should go

But if our ears are full of self

We’ll never even know!

We need to keep ourselves alert and walk in step sincere

So Christ can whisper and be sure

We’ll always clearly hear!

Denis Hayes            25th January 2004 / Updated 20th December 2018

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