Life Continues

We sit at home and watch TV then saunter down to local shops

Our lives hang limp like daisy chains, as normal life slows down and stops

We wash the car and mow the lawn and do the jobs that waited long

And walk the dog and dig the weeds and paint the fence and murmur song

We sit, we sigh, we rise, we sink; we eat a snack and make a drink

The hours tick past and each days winks: space to wonder, peace to think

Frozen plans, work like gold, winds of silence, warm and cold

Contact friends: recent, old; check for news: time on hold…

Out in meadows, flowers grow

Streams and rivers ebb and flow

Fledgling birds try out their wings

And everywhere the robin sings

The lambs all frolic, free and gay

And green leaves shine in full array

From busy ants to rabbit holes

The unseen creatures, worms and moles

Inhabit earth without a care

Their world continues, no despair

For while we mope and hang about

God’s wondrous Nature gives a shout

Reminding us that while Man weeps

God never slumbers; never sleeps

DHayes (April 2020 during the period of coronavirus)

Description: eeding garden birds - What to feed birds - When to feed birds