Light In the Darkness

By Denis Hayes (August 2019)

Cast:         Two heavenly beings, Magenta and Sapphire

Props: Table, chair, scroll

Magenta seated centre stage examining a scroll. Sapphire enters and approaches Magenta

Sapphire: [Speaking respectfully] Greetings, noble Magenta. I bring word from our messengers.

Magenta: [Looks up with interest] Tell me, Sapphire. What news have they brought?

Sapphire: [Sorrowfully, gesticulating] There is trouble. Serious problems and great distress have afflicted our world. People are turning from the True Light. They prefer the darkness of sin to the purity of goodness. Evil abounds across every area of the globe and casts its dark shadow over the earth.

Magenta: [Standing slowly] Then it is just as the ancient prophets foretold!

Sapphire: I fear so! Things are looking bad… very bad!

Magenta: [Seriously and with rising emotion] You realise what this means, don’t you? The Shining Light will not allow sin to destroy His creation; instead, He will choose to destroy it himself!

Sapphire: [Horrified] Do not speak of such a thing! There must be another way… some sort of solution. [Thinks] Perhaps the Shining One will give the people one last chance or send another prophet to warn them!

Magenta: [Sadly] He has already sent warnings and shown them how they must live… but they refuse to obey or even listen. Worse still, they despise and mock the Shining One and worship false gods made from pieces of wood, stone or metal. No, the situation has deteriorated too far and the Shining One will not allow such blatant sin to go unpunished.

Sapphire: [Sadly] Then there is no hope for the world!

Magenta: [With sudden determination] Do not say that things are hopeless. There may yet be a way to save the world. [Ponders before speaking] Send messengers to every corner of the earth. Tell them to seek out anyone who worships the True Light. I know that He will show mercy if we can find even one person who refuses to bow the knee to the Evil One.

Magenta and Sapphire bow their heads and freeze for a few seconds to indicate ‘time passing’ before slowly resuming their normal posture.

Magenta: [Hopefully] Well, Sapphire, is there any news yet from the messengers? Is there anyone who still follows the True Light?

Sapphire: [Glumly] Alas, the news is worse than I thought. Every messenger returns with the same story: people prefer darkness rather than light. Only one messenger has yet to report but it seems unlikely that his news will be any better!

Magenta: [Slowly and grimly] So be it. The word of the Shining One must be obeyed. Send the angel of death across the earth; every living creature must die. The Shining One regrets that He ever made His creation.

Sapphire: [Places hand over ear as if receiving a message] Wait for one moment! Do not give the command! I hear news from the last messenger. It seems that there is a man who worships the Shining One and refuses to walk in darkness. His name is Noah and his whole family seek to obey and serve the Lord of Creation.

Magenta: [Cheerfully] This is indeed good news, though I fear the Shining One will still bring judgement to bear upon those who refuse to repent. [Decisively] We will give the people another 100 years to follow and worship the True Light. After that time, whatever happens, Noah and his family will be given a way of escape.

Sapphire: [Pondering] I wonder how the Shining One will save that righteous family, yet destroy those who choose evil over good?

Magenta: [Shaking head] I don’t yet know but apparently it involves a lot of water and something called a ‘rainbow’.

Sapphire: [Incredulously] I’ve never seen a lot of water & never heard of a rainbow but I’m certain that the Shining One will do what is right. He’s never failed yet!

Magenta: [Brightly] That is true, Sapphire. And listen to this: several of the prophets are talking about “the final solution to sin” some time in the future. Apparently, it involves the Shining One himself going down to earth and dealing with it, once and for all time. [Shakes head] It sounds preposterous to me but the Shining One always has a perfect plan! I’ve heard that earth people will call that time ‘Christmas’ and ‘Easter’.

Sapphire [Shakes head, laughing gently] Imagine that! The idea that the Shining One would live as a man on earth! The prophets seem to have got carried away with their predictions this time! [Pauses then speaks thoughtfully] Or have they?

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