God’s Tattoos

God’s Tattoos

  • Have you noticed the tremendous increase in the number of people with tattoos?
  • At one time, the only people with tattoos were sailors… now even ladies are ‘sporting’ them
  • Personally, I dislike them … but you may feel differently… perhaps you’ve got one yourself!

Recent surveys have found that about a quarter to a third of people with tattoos wished that they hadn’t had them done…

  • Services exist to remove unwanted tattoos! Apparently, it’s extremely expensive!
  • Tattoos can cause difficulty… Imagine a man having the name of his sweetheart (Julie, say) tattooed on his arm, only to separate from her and meet someone called Angela. Whoops!

You may be surprised to know that God has tattoos!

  • Not some weird design or a picture of an eagle or a dolphin or a motorbike or a mermaid!
  • God’s tattoo is in the shape of a heart… Inside the heart is engraved a name… your name! We read in Isaiah 49 v 16 that: ‘He has written (engraved, tattooed) your name on the palms of His hands
  • But note in I Corinthians Chapter 1, Paul writes it is for ‘you, who have been called by God to be His own holy people’
  • God’s palms were pierced on the cross…for you
  • We have the assurance in Isaiah that God does not forget us…from before we’re born until our final breath, we are known, loved and cherished by Him
  • He will never pay a visit to the ‘tattoo removal shop’!


-- Download God's Tattoos as PDF --

What Sort of Church does God and Satan Want?

-- Download What Sort of Church does God and Satan Want? as PDF --

The sort of people that Satan wants in church

  1. Academic Christians, who know the Bible of God but don’t know the God of the Bible.
  2. Scrooge Christians, who only give God a little of their lives and keep the rest for themselves.
  3. Nominal Christians, who do not make the effort to seek God’s will and purpose through prayer, study of the Bible and interaction with believers.
  4. Stunted Christians, who show little desire to grow in their knowledge of God’s will and purpose.
  5. Stagnant Christians, who are resistant to the promptings of the Holy Spirit.
  6. Historical Christians, who prefer to reminisce than to look ahead.
  7. Confrontational Christians, who feel the need to challenge and criticise than to support and encourage.
  8. Self-centred Christians, who focus on their own needs and concerns.
  9. Temperamental Christians, who are unpredictable and lack grace.
  10. Spectator Christians, who watch others doing the work.
  11. Critical Christians, who look for faults in others.
  12. Envious Christians, who resent it when God uses others to further His Kingdom work.

The sort of people that God wants in church

  1. Those who want to know Him better
  2. Those who are wholeheartedly submissive to Him.
  3. Those who genuinely desire to discover His will for their lives and others.
  4. Those whose hearts are open to a fresh work of the Spirit
  5. Those who pray before they act rather than act and pray for help when things go wrong.
  6. Those who seek to walk in step with the Spirit along new pathways of faith
  7. Those who are prayerfully and practically interested in the needs of others.
  8. Those who seek to love others as Jesus loves them.
  9. Those who are approachable, caring and compassionate.
  10. Those who live and work and persevere in the light of Jesus’ return.
  11. Those who try to encourage and support others.
  12. Those who celebrate the victories of others.