Somebody’s Cancelled Christmas

Somebody’s cancelled Christmas!

But gives no reason why

There won’t be any Christmas trees or bright lights in the sky

I don’t know why it’s happened

I really can’t explain

Why this year dear old Santa Claus

Will not be back again.

We’ll cancel the nativity

And send the gnomes away

I’ll have to phone the superstore to take down their display

Don’t bother with the party

We don’t need the balloons

Or any decorations that are hanging in the rooms.

Somebody’s cancelled Christmas

It seems so strange but true

Yet Christmas isn’t all around

It’s in the heart of you

We don’t need fancy trimmings or artificial fun

For Jesus is the Saviour

Who will come to everyone.

So in the scorching desert

Or cold Alaskan ice

And in the swampy grasslands where it isn’t very nice

It doesn’t matter where you are in sand or mud or snow

The Christ of Christmas calls your name

Because He loves you so.

And even if the Christmas season touches you with pain

Or loneliness surrounds you

There’s still one thing remains

The Saviour King of Bethlehem is here as God and King

To give you back your Christmastime

And make your glad heart sing.

Dr Den

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